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The Armoury Coaching Studio Is A Private Personal Training Studio In Milton Keynes Helping Busy Professionals Stop ‘Trying To Get In Shape’, And Finally Achieve A Health & Body Transformation They Won’t Rebound From…

If You’re A Busy Professional In Milton Keynes Who Is Tired Of Your Clothes No Longer Fitting, Dreading Holiday Photos, And Feeling Exhausted By The End Of The Day, Our Premium & Cost Effective 1-to-1 Personal Training & Small Group Coaching Could Be Perfect For You.

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Welcome to The Armoury Coaching Studio – personal training studio in Milton Keynes. Below you’ll find all the information about our philosophy, what services we offer, and how to get started on one of our premium programmes.

Firstly, we know that every single day millions of men & women get back to their homes, exhausted after a long day at work and produce a near-identical noise upon glancing at themselves in the mirror:


It’s the sound made by Young Professionals that have spent long hours focusing on their career, only to forgo their physique and well-being, and are left feeling successful in one area, and a self-perceived failure in another…

It’s the sound made by Mums & Dads that have put their life & soul into providing for their family, but managed to neglect the one thing their tribe actually values the most: Their health

And it’s the sound, overwhelmingly, made by those that are frustrated by their previous attempts to create a “bleh-less” relationship with their self-image, only to find themselves in the same spot week after week, month after month, and year after year.

Every one of these people, with their joint disdain for a mirror with poor lighting? Have one thing in common…

They’ve Tried To shove Their Triangle-Peg-Problem, Into A Round Hole Solution

Whether it’s the young professional, that joined the work running club last year to get ahead of their expanding gut- only to discover less than a month in that the only thing less appealing than not losing weight?

Is dragging himself round a 5k with overly enthusiastic men in lycra.

Or the Mum that purchased a months supply of ‘slimming shakes’, lost 10lbs in month one, then added 14 back in month two once she ‘stumbled’ and shared a Twix with her son, and couldn’t stomach the thought of forgoing solid foods once again.

(Or the husband of that Mum, that added 6lbs himself due to gorging on cakes at work, fearful of the knowledge that he was going to have to make his own dinner with his Mrs on a shake-rampage).

The honest truth is (and a lot of gyms, coaches, programmes won’t admit this)- there is no ‘one solution’ for every one of these people

The young man that now hates running with a passion for example?

Could be shopping for muscle-fitting shirts & looking forward to his summer holiday, without an underlying fear that his old University friends will see his ever-expanding waistline in the Facebook uploads.

If he had spoken with a coach that changes his training to motivate him, instead of forcing him into an activity he finds bland and disinteresting 

And had the mum sat down with a coach and discussed some simple ways to change her diet, that involved sneaking a high volume of veggies into the meals she already loves, or trading her Wine in for a G&T?

Well then she’d be able to confidently slip back into a dress she hadn’t worn since before her & her husband were married for their Friday date night (which I’d imagine would be to a slightly swankier venue than usual, by way of celebration).

Because people (and that’s you & me included) are individuals.

We have individual wants, needs, motivations and fears…

And what did eventually get Sam (the young professional that developed a hate for running before approaching us for coaching), and Marie (the Mum that went through a shake-diet-nightmare before working with us) to their ultimate goal?

Won’t be the exact same path as the one needed to get you to yours.

Which is exactly why The Armoury Coaching Studio doesn’t take sign ups online without a consult, or have the goal of ‘selling’ to every enquiry we get.

Because we work with you, and create a road map together, personalising our approach using our three proven (but fully adjustable) training options, so you aren’t a cog in a machine- you are the machine (we just help programme you with the tools you need, and guide you along the way):


For busy men & women that want the shortcut to getting in the best shape of their life- avoiding the pitfalls with an experienced coach guiding you every step of the way


Our most popular coaching programme- Train in a Small Group of 5 other athletes under the watchful eye of an expert coach, in our private studio, choosing from up to 20 session times a week for complete flexibility


If you already have your training under control, or want to only approach your diet- this programme involves 12 weeks of face to face nutrition consults and a complete approach to optimising your diet (custom to you) 

The Armoury Coaching Studio Does Things Differently To ‘Normal Gyms’ 

We want to not only understand your goals, but have a plan in place to get you there, before we even think of signing you on as a client.

We don’t do hard sells or long term contracts- we want you as a client because of your results, community & enjoyment you get- not a BS signature on a form. 

We don’t believe in letting clients ‘fall through the cracks’, and cross our fingers hoping they’ll just leave the DD running- we have a proven Progress Check system to ensure whatever package you chose, we have ongoing catch-ups to keep you on track. 

We support you every-step-of-the-way, with an exclusive membership site filled the education videos for a healthy lifestyle, and an ever expanding recipe video database so our guidance doesn’t start & end in the confines of the studio… 

We put your results first, always, and it’s for that reason we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for all of our programmes, so you have complete security in your choice 

To learn more, and arrange your FREE face to face Coaching Consultation at our private personal training studio in Milton Keynes, simply Hit The Button Below, and fill in the Application Form. 

An Armoury Coach will give you a call within 24 hours for a chat, answer your questions, and then get you booked in for a free 60 minute consult.

From there, we’ll create the road map to your goal, and decide together whether one of our proven packages will be the correct path for you. 

(Due to our personal approach there is a limit to total members of the Studio- you’ll be informed on the phone whether you’re on the waiting list, or going straight through to the Free Consult Stage)

Oh, and if you’re not ready to apply for your consultation just yet, that’s absolutely fine…. but don’t leave empty handed – make sure you grab our free workbook below!

Grab Your Free Copy Of The Habit Building Workbook Below:

Depending on who you ask the answer to “how can I get in shape” can give you a variety of answers… 

Ask any gym in Milton Keynes, and they’ll probably tell you it’s by signing up for a restrictive 12 month contract with them.

 Ask a Personal Trainer and they’ll most likely insist it’s by seeing them 3 times a week (with little to no support outside of those sessions).

And if you ask Susan from the office? It’ll be whatever fad diet is flavour of the month… The issue with these answers? Is that they don’t take into account your lifestyle, likes, dislikes & personality. Sure, you could cut out beer, wine and everything beige, and it might cause some fat loss… But how long are you really going to be able to stick with that? 

And of course joining a gym might be a great option for you, but are you really going to commit to that 6am yoga session and spin 5 times a week for long? The Habit Building Workbook is the Antidote to yo-yo dieting, short-lived resolutions and hating the ‘#fitnesslife’.

We’ve used it with clients around the world to create long-term change, in a way that doesn’t feel restrictive or boring And you can grab your copy 100% free today, just submit your details below, and we’ll send it straight across.