Current & Past Armoury Athletes

Our Private Personal Training Studio in Milton Keynes may have been founded in 2019, but we’ve been coaching internationally since 2010. It’s that experience that prompted our unique, all-encompassing approach to create long-term, sustainable transformations, – a few of which you can read about below:

I know what you may be thinking…

“Armoury Athletes? Maybe I don’t belong here after all- I’m just keen to lose a little weight and feel a bit happier in my physique”

Hold up.

You may not identify as an “athlete” yet- but you are.

As soon as you take the brave step to apply, and make an effort to better yourself? An effort to improve your health, fitness, strength and energy? An effort to increase your self-confidence, and be a role model for those that look up to you?

You become an Armoury Athlete.

And we’re proud of each and every one of ours, past & present- from 18 to 60, the UK to Australia; we’ve helped men & women reveal their inner athlete, and fall in love with the process.

Because despite what your past experience might lead you to believe…

Training can be fun, and you don’t need to eat rabbit food to make get results.

Just ask the small collection of our Armoury Coaching Studio satisfied clients below- no juice cleanses or burpees here, just a custom plan, accountability, and a bit of banter in the rest period.

Sam Walton Transformation

Sam Walton

“I was initially reluctant to get myself a personal trainer, but as my self-directed training plateaued I needed a proverbial kick up the arse.

Lewis at the armoury delivered the kick I needed! Both online and in person, Lewis’ knowledge and ability to motivate really advanced my training and I achieved so much more than I would have on my own.

If you’re looking for effective training, I haven’t found any place better”

Richard Bond

“After feeling tubby on the beach during my summer holiday, I dropped Lewis a message, went for a trial session and I’ve been working with Armoury Coaching since July 2018.

I’m stronger now (can bench my bodyweight – an initial goal we set), I’ve lost a stone, I look better and feel better.

I’ve gone from training 3 times a week to 5 times a week, as I’m seeing results i’m getting more motivated to train. I have a great programme set up and constant encouragement and support. Lewis is a great guy to work with and I’d highly recommend Armoury Coaching to improve your fitness and physique.”

Richard Bond Transformation
Jurd Looking Jacked

Andrew Jurd

“Great professional coaching from an experienced coach in a friendly and supportive environment! Whatever your fitness goals The Armoury will help you achieve them!

I never thought I’d be someone with guns & abs, and definitely not at the age of 47!”

Kyla Clarke

“The Armoury provides brilliant personal training & coaching, Lewis’s (head coach) knowledge is vast and experience in the industry reflect so well in his training.

I love our sessions and never get bored with training, he always helps me balance my busy life as a mum with also training and taking time to focus on my goals. Best decision I ever made was booking my first session at The Armoury”

Yvonne Francis Transformation

Yvonne F

“The session were fun, effective & got me the exact result I was after before a big trip in Europe, couldn’t recommend it enough”

Karen Roberts

“Clean, friendly studio without the sweaty smell! The groups are never more than 6 and you always get individual attention. Lewis always pushes me to my limits but the results are worth it.

At 58 I never believed I would actually enjoy exercising!”

Laura H

Laura Haggis

“Training at The Armoury is awesome! The sessions are super fun, tough but in a good way & motivating. Never fails to put a smile on my face & I always leave feeling really good!

Lewis is amazing, he has a huge amount of knowledge & experience in the industry & this is reflected in the training & support provided. You really are seen as an individual & everything is tailored to meet your goals, not just a one size fits all approach.

I’ve started the nutrition programme with Gen & it is far better than anything I’ve tried before. She really takes the time to know you & it’s much more than just telling you what to eat & when.

Joining The Armoury was definitely the best decision I made!”

What these photos and stories don’t show is possibly the biggest point of pride we have here in our Milton Keynes based private personal training studio, and one that becomes more and more important the more attempts you have at “getting in shape”.

And that is that we have a very intentional lack of bounce back.

Whether it’s because our athletes decide to coach with us long term and go from “wanting a little less jiggle while going up the stairs”, to “I want abs this next holiday for the first time in my life”… or from “I don’t want to feel out of breath going up the stairs” to “I want to beat my last tough mudder time”.

Or because our educating approach to training has meant after 12 weeks of personal training and coaching and a great transformation? They have the lifelong tools to keep making progress without us.

We love both scenarios, because we get to make a change.

So, if you want to be the next Armoury Transformation, and take an approach that’s proven to work? 

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