One To One Personal Training

The Armoury’s One To One Personal Training helps busy men and women to build lean, athletic, healthy physiques without the frustrations, rigidity & ‘bounce-back’

One To One Personal Training In Milton Keynes

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of the guesswork taken out of the process of how to train & eat, so that all you need to do is follow the guidance to get your end results?

Like a paint by numbers, where you’re guided by Bob Ross.

That’s exactly what Personal Training can do for you.

With near-on a decade of experience and over 10,000 hours of real world personal training & coaching across 5 separate countries, I’ve developed a unique perspective on what’s needed to make a client-coach relationship successful, so that you get your exact goal.

And step one isn’t to blindly sign up with the first PT that says “hi” at your local big box gym.

Step one? Is to look through what the coach has achieved, who they help, and book in your consult.

Within that consult- the goal is to get a concrete plan of action to take you from where you currently are, to where you want to be.

If after that consult you aren’t blown-away & 100% certain that I’ll get you to where you want to go?

I don’t want you to work with me.

Because I get really, really good results.

But only when the client (that may, or may not be you), is willing to put in the work, and take action to get to where they want to be.

If you read through the general “who I am and how I can help” spiel below and it resonates with you, and you want to get life-changing, long-term results?

Hit the apply button at the bottom and fill in the consult form, and we’ll talk about getting the ball rolling

Who Is This Programme For?

Men & Women that want to cut out the guesswork of figuring it all out themselves, and take a short-cut to the best results they’ve gotten in their life

Here’s What You’ll Get As A Personal Training Athlete:

  • Detailed 1-2-1 goal setting session where we’ll get to the heart of where you are, and where you want to get to (and why)- from there we’ll work together to create a framework to get there, before I go away and really get the custom programming and plan of action together

  • A completely periodised and individualised training plan to play to your strengths, correct weaknesses & imbalances and prompt short & long term adaptations (I’ll do the thinking, you do the lifting)

  • Detailed Progress Check-ins every 4-6 weeks where we’ll take your measurements and monitor our chosen barometers of progress to ensure we’re on the right track

  • Custom nutrition coaching based off your likes, dislikes, lifestyle & goal (if you want the fastest results possible? We can go the exactly calorie & macro route- if you want more flexibility we can work on your base habits)

  • An exclusive client-only membership site with recipe videos, books, nutrition & training videos designed to be the ultimate education tool so you’ll know exactly how to make your results last

Here’s The Results You Can Expect From Our Proven Approach:

  • Get leaner, stronger & healthier faster with our three pronged approach to your results (training, nutrition & mindset)

  • Improved energy levels due to our 100% focus on bettering your training performance week to week & month to month through our unique periodised programme

  • Gain a complete understanding to take with you for life for results that last, not quickly yo-yoing up and down

  • You’ll learn how to get incredible results, without having to eat lettuce and dust for every meal (yep, drink beers & still get lean)

How Do You Get Started?

One To One spaces are (as you’d expect), extremely limited at the Armoury Coaching Studio– so we want to be sure that we’re the best possible fit to get you the best possible results.

To ensure that is the case, apply for your consult, where we’ll set your goal together, create the framework, then decide together which route is best to take to get there