Nutrition Coaching

The Armoury’s 12 Week Nutrition Coaching Programme teaches busy men and women how to take control of their diet to reach their dream physique without the frustrations & bounce-back

Who Is This Programme For?

Men & Women that want to understand why they eat they way the currently do, and what tweaks (big and small) they can make to ensure the work they’re putting in at the gym is reflected by their results.

Whether you want to be coached though exact macro splits, or taken through a sustainable habit change approach- The Armoury Nutrition Coaching Programme has you covered.

Here’s What You’ll Get As A Nutrition Coaching Athlete:

  • A 1-2-1 Goal Setting session upon sign up, where we’ll get in-depth on exactly what you’re trying to achieve, and how we’re going to get you there

  • Initial measurements taken & compared to throughout the 12 week process for accountability and results

  • A customised approach to eating that is flexible depending upon your goals, obstacles and progress

  • An exclusive client-only membership site with recipe videos, books, nutrition & training videos designed to be the ultimate education tool so you’ll know exactly how to make your results last

Here’s The Results You Can Expect From Our Proven Approach:

  • Get leaner, stronger & healthier with results that will last for life

  • Improved energy levels due to our complete focus on both nutrition and lifestyle factors

  • Potential improvements in cognition and joint health due to optimising food choices

  • You’ll learn how to get incredible results, without having to eat lettuce and dust for every meal (yep, drink beers & still get lean)

How Do You Get Started?

If you’re interested to see how our nutrition approach can get you in incredible shape without having to be overly restrictive or ban any foods?

HIT THIS LINK and fill in a consultation form, and we’ll get you booked in to see if we’re a fit