Expert Personal Training & Small Group Coaching To Abolish Mirror-Phobia in Milton Keynes

Put An End To The Mid-Afternoon Slump, Or Having To Bust Out The WD40 In Order To Squeeze Into Your Best Suit-Trousers Or Dress

Who Are We?

Armoury Coaching Studio Head Coach

Lewis Roberts

Head Coach

AKA Louie, Lou-Lou, or Louise as was once written on his Starbucks coffee cup. Lewis has over 10 years of experience as a coach, in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand & Canada.

Lewis began coaching at the age of 15 (although not as a profession until 3 years later), and within that time period has amassed thousands of hours both under the bar, and coaching hundreds of men & women.

His athletic peak was amassing a stellar 1-1 Pro Muay Thai record, and going unbeaten (1-0) in MMA, before realising there were better ways to earn some cash than getting punched in the face.

When Lewis isn’t in the studio coaching Armoury Athletes, he can be found reading research reviews, training BJJ, or drinking any gin in the house that Gen hasn’t managed to get her hands on.

Armoury Coaching Studio Lead Nutrition Coach

Gen(evieve) Pruneau-Brunet

Lead Nutrition Coach

AKA The French-Canadian Powerhouse. Gen has years of experience in counselling and coaching, in everything ranging from Foster Homes to schools and gyms.

She’s a Precision Nutrition Coach and is currently studying Pre & Post Natal Health & Fitness, and is a huge nerd when it comes to dieting research.

Gen specialises in approaching each client as an individual, and catering to their underlying needs, as opposed to trying to push everyone into the same box.

When Gen isn’t helping Armoury Athletes change their mindset, health & physique with nutrition advice, you can find her doing excessive amounts of glute bridges, drinking Gin, or generally annoying Lewis.

The Armoury Coaching Studio Isn’t A Traditional “Gym”

Traditional Gyms charge you for access to a room full of complex equipment, and give their sales people commission based entirely off how many people they can get to sign on the dotted line (NOT how many lives they can actually change).

We aren’t onboard with that model. Nor, honestly, are we onboard with the standard ‘Personal Trainer’ model of doing things either.

The whole “You can see me for one hour a week between these set times and I expect you to live like a saint for the remaining 167 hours of the week”.

Forget that.

Here at The Armoury Coaching Studio we understand you’re human. And most humans aren’t all that excited about getting sweaty, eating salads, and saying no to Gin, Beers & Cake.

So instead of being your standard Personal Trainer in Milton Keynes – we put our focus on you.

No cookie-cutter coaching, or bland workouts.

We pride ourselves on making the process of getting in the best shape of your life (or the shape that you want right now), an enjoyable experience, not one you’re dreading to go to after a long day in the office.

We run Small Group Coaching session with a MAX of 6 Armoury Athletes (that’s you) to one epic coach (that’s us), meaning you get your training customised, monitored and recorded for optimal results in a fun, community-centric atmosphere (plus because we’re absolute training nerds? It’s damn effective too).

And as they’ll be at least 166 hours you won’t be in our private coaching studio? We give you 1-2-1 nutrition and lifestyle coaching, AND a complete membership site with a growing knowledge & recipe database AS STANDARD.

So, if you find yourself nodding or muttering “yes” to any of these questions…

  • Were you shocked at the number staring back at you the last time you stepped on a scale (or are dreading doing so)?
  • Are you breathing like you’ve just completed an Ironman after climbing a flight of stairs, or playing with your kids?
  • Tired feeling like you could pass out mid-afternoon, or as soon as you plop yourself on the sofa after work?
  • Have you been discouraged by a boring training plan or bland diet in the past, and though that ‘dieting’ & ‘training’ just aren’t for you’?
  • Do you wish you could just look forward to holidays, without dreading how you’ll feel on the beach?
  • Do you want to finally regain your confidence in your physique and fitness levels, for the gym, work, and life?

Then Do Something About It. Apply For Your Free Coaching Consult By Clicking RIGHT HERE